Zwift not detecting Tacx Bushido Smart as controllable

I’ve bought a Tacx Bushido Smart (TDF edition) second hand.
When using Zwift, the resistance doesn’t change.
The wattage and cadance are correct, but Zwift won’t recoginze it as a controllable trainer.

When I try the Tacx app, the resistance does change automatically.
I updated my trainer to the latest software.

I’m on PC, using bluetooth.
Switching of my phone or trying to connect via Zwift companion doesn’t solve the problem.

Can someone help me? Thanks!

Make sure you are completely disconnected from the Tacx app prior to starting Zwift.
In Zwift, the trainer has to be connected twice…I think is called “Source” and “Controllable”. Top left and bottom right of the pairing screen.

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Thanks for your answer Chris.
I already tried this but it doesn’t seem to fix the problem.

I disconnected from the Tacx app, turned off bluetooth and restarted my phone but nothing works.
When i open zwift, it automatically connects to my Tacx, but when i press ‘search’ under ‘controllable’, my Tacx won’t show up…

Could an ant+ dongle maybe solve the problem?

I would definitely use Ant+. My PC laptops in the past have been very unstable with BT. Only my newest, Lenovo Legion 5 using W11, has been stable. But I still use Ant+. My two Garmin Ant+ dongles date back to the beginnings of the Kickr Snap (4-5years ago?) and still work with no issue. Whenever I have had problems it has been my network.

Sorry for the late reply…