Taxc bushido dosent works with controlable trainer

Hi I all ready set up the connections, power source, cadence and HR but it dosent connect to controlable trainer and its like I have free trainer without resistence. I quit my powermeter (garmin pedals) beacuse I think this is the reason but it dosent works too. 

Afraid I can’t offer any help except to say my Bushido works fine.

Maybe try taking the batteries out of the pedals and check for anything else that might be interfering…

There are two Tacx Bushido’s - a smart and non smart.

Tacx Bushido Smart T2780

Tacx Bushido T1980 (old one)

Which one do you have?

make sure you have last version of trainer firmware and update it if nessesary!


is the problem solved? I have a Tacx Bushido Smart T2780 and try to connect the bushido as controllable trainer via the Zwift Mobile Link and bluethooth. The handy did find the bushido and connects it. But in swift only the powermeter and cadence sensor is found, but can’t configure the bushido as controllable trainer, because zwift doesn’t found. Or is the resistance control via  bluethooth not possible? Is the ANT+ dongle needed?

Thanks for help.  

Hi I have the same problem, only once did it recognize my Bushido as a controllable trainer. This sucks.