Can't pair controllable with Tacx Neo

I’ve recently got a Tacx Neo, which I’m using with an iPhone. I can pair the cadence and power with Zwift and it works, but the Tacx doesn’t show up as an option to pair under Controllable. The Tacx app is able to control the gradient without issues, so the problem can’t be that it needs to connect via ANT+ rather than Bluetooth.

The firmware is up to date and I’ve tried turning both devices off/on. Has anyone else with a Tacx Neo had this problem (or had it work fine!)?

make sure you force close the tacx app (so it isn’t running in the background) and make sure nothing else is near the trainer that might be paired to it via bluetooth.

first pair the trainer as power source via bluetooth then it should show up in the controllable section.

See if that works.

“Controllable” has been renamed as “Resistance” in a recent game update. Is that what you’re seeing?

has it? haha, I haven’t noticed, i must have paired my stuff so often i just go in to auto pilot!

I’ve already tried force closing the app - oddly I’m still seeing Controllable, not Resistance. Might have to borrow someone else’s phone to see if that’s the issue.

Maybe the app is out of date