Different cadence from Garmin to Zwift

Hi, I’m new in the forum and as Zwift user.
I use Garmin computer and cadence sensor. It looks like the cadence on zwift is much lover from garmin (60/70 vs 100 on garmin)
Is there any reason why?


Hi @Andrea_Giraudo,

Welcome to the forum,

That is a good question, I would expect them to be the same if both are from the same sensor.

What trainer are you using, some trainers will broadcast cadence and if zwift is connected to that cadence measurement and your Garmin is connected to the bike sensor then I would expect some difference.

Hi Gerrie, thx for reply.
At the moment I use a NON smart trainer, but I think sensor is ANT+ so Zwift doesn’t receive correct data.
In few days I’ll receive a new smart trainer and I’ll see

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So much better when I moved to a smart trainer, you going to love Zwift even more.
I noticed with my Tacx and Garmin the cadence is different. The Garmin being the more accurate as it uses the sensor on the crank. The Tacx does it with clever programming I guess as there is no sensor that I can see. I’m not a pro rider so the difference doesn’t matter to me, I watch the number on the screen sometimes but mostly only in top or bottom gear.