Garmin Cadence Sensor 2

I know this has been asked, but I haven’t found a good answer through the forums. I have a Garmin 2 Cadence Sensor, Garmin speed sensor and Garmin head unit. On Zwift no matter how fast I pedal, the rpms are not going higher than 70, while on my head unit it shows 88-90-100, so the difference is that compared to zwift my head unit shows about 10-15 more rpms. I’ve tried to unpair, replace batteries, etc. But, no luck. Any thoughts?

Looks like a fault. My Garmin sensor 2 works fine. Replace it?

The '2 has both BT and ANT+. If I understood you correctly, the head unit’s reading (using ANT+) is different than Zwift’s (using BT).

As you are Zwifting, I guess you are using a Smart Trainer. Assuming that is the case, any possibility Zwift is paired with the trainer’s cadence sensor? Some of these are notorious for “guestimating” cadence.

Possibly, you could switch to ANT+ for Zwift as well - ANT+ is broadcast, so multiple devices can “listen in”.

Thanks for the reply. I’m not using a smart trainer. I have it paired to my Macbook via BT. I’ve considered that it might be paired to both the head unit and Zwift, but have turned the head unit off to verify. No luck.

What do you have it paired with? Are you using ANT+ or BT? I think it is the BT connection to my laptop that’s the difference and causing the issue.

So, I ended up getting an “ANT+ Dongle” and it solved the issue. Apparently, the speed and cadence sensors don’t like Bluetooth.