Cadence randomly reading way too high

Anytime I’m at a recovery pace if I go over about 90rpms the reading on Zwift instantly jumps up to about 150rpms and won’t drop back down until I slow to about 70rpms, which makes it kind of annoying to do easy cadence drills. The cadence seems to read accurately once I’m pushing higher watts. I’m using the cadence on my Wahoo Kickr.

Hi Scott,
I think your best bet is to buy a separate cadence unit if you can.

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I actually have the same issue if I use my Wahoo cadence sensor.

would I be right in thinking you are using bluetooth?

At the moment, yes. I do have ant+ as well but it was having the same issue. Seems to be only when connect to Zwift. It doesn’t happen with my bike computer.

I was going to suggest using Ant+ as I have never had any problems with it.
My only other suggestion would be to try a new battery and failing that borrowing/buying another brand. Garmin has been good for me, only needing battery replacement now and then.
One last idea is to ensure that the Ant+ dongle is used with an extension lead to ensure a good connection. My dongle is literally just to the side of my bike.
Sorry in advance if these ideas don’t solve the problem.

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Thanks for the suggestions. The reason I use the cadence on the Kickr is so I don’t have to worry about battery hah. My Wahoo cadence sensor definitely has a new battery. Maybe I’ll try the dongle extension since my ant+ adaptor is just plugs right into the usb drive. I didn’t think it would be an issue since I have my laptop right in front of my handlebars so the connection doesn’t travel far.

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I use Tacx Neo without external cadence sensor and notice intermittent spikes