Cadence numbers on Zwift are too low

I have a wahoo cadence Bluetooth sensor however on Zwift my numbers are around 75 - 90 however my Garmin (Fenix 5) gives me a cadence of 85 - 110. The Garmin feels like a better ratio to power that I’m putting in therefore how do I calibrate Zwift to recognise these more realistic cadence numbers?

Any thoughts much appreciated. Thanks.

What trainer are you using? And what device are you running Zwift on?

Some trainers send cadence signals. Some are are inaccurate enough to account for the different numbers you’re seeing.

Ensure that both Zwift and the Fenix are linked to the Wahoo cadence sensor.

Hey - thanks for coming back to me. Ihav3 an elite quote mag, which has no link to Zwift, it just acts as resistance. I use my iPad for Zwift, which picks up Bluetooth signals from my separate wahoo cadence and speed sensors - these are also pair3d with my Fenix for outdoor rides, which is useful to get parity between my outdoor figures and on Zwift - which is why the cadence disparity is a bit annoying!

Cheers, andy

If I’ve understood or inferred properly, the following are true:

  • Only one cadence sensor is in use, a Wahoo dual-band Bluetooth & ANT+ model
  • That sensor connects with Zwift on iPad via Bluetooth
  • That sensor connects with the Garmin Fenix 5 via ANT+
  • The Garmin is consistently reporting a cadence 10-20 RPMs higher than Zwift is at the same moment

You’ve eliminated the only reasonable solution I had. I’ll leave those bullet points in case they need correction or for someone later to interpret.

Thanks - as I was back on Zwift today. I was wondering if I was just making an error in judgement. As I was climbing Alp Zwift I noticed that my zwift cadence was a lot lower than my Garmin reading, so this is just all in the game, perhaps? And the translation of my real to virtual cadence.

I have noticed the in game cadence being different than real world when climbing or descending. On the flats is accurate. I really want to see my REAL cadence is there a way for that? I dont feel My virtual cadence is really helpful to improving my riding.