Cadence doesn't seem right

Hi everyone,
I am after some help as i think my cadence on zwift is incorrect. i currently run a kickr snap with a garmin cadence sensor and on zwift the cadence varies between 60-70rpm whereas on the wahoo app it varies between 80-100rpm. Am i doing something wrong with the setup?

looks like the snap doesn’t record cadence so it might just be estimating and being way off

And you’re sure zwift is picking up the garmin sensor and it’s not getting it from the snap?
Can you even pair the snap as a cadence sensor?

Hi @Keegan_Eggers welcome to Zwift forums.
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. A couple of things to look into:

  1. When you are comparing the cadence numbers - is the Wahoo app running at the same time as the the Zwift app? I don’t know that the Garmin Cadence 2 sensor you have is capable of Bluetooth multicasting in the way that Garmin’s recent heart rate monitors are. This means that the cadence sensor should be capable of pairing to one app or the other via Bluetooth. If it’s paired to both simultaneously via BLE - weird things will happen.

If you trust your cadence by feel - try uninstalling the Wahoo app to triage, and see if that improves it?

  1. If you are paired to the Wahoo app over Bluetooth and to Zwift over ANT+ or vice versa you may see a slight lag in the data.

  2. When’s the last time you changed the battery in the cadence sensor?