Garmin Rally / TacX Flow Smart Trainer CONFLICT?

Hi there! I have the TacX Flow Smart Trainer. When I Zwift using my phone app, only the Garmin Rally power pedals show up to sync. If I select those, I cannot select the trainer as controllable (it is not found.) The only way I can get the TacX Flow power to show (and also the trainer as controllable) I have to remove/delete my pedals from my bluetooth and Garmin. What a pain that is to go back and forth as I share the bike outdoor and indoor.

Has anyone else had this or a similar issue with Garmin Rally Power Pedals conflicting with the trainer devices/sensors? Any fixes besides deleting devices every single time?


Hi @Aaron_Walz

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If you’re going to use a separate power source other than the trainer, try pairing the trainer up first for power and controllable. Once trainer is paired, unpair the trainer as power, and pair up your pedals. That should work and still get you controllable. Let us know if that doesn’t work.

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OMG thanks that actually works! I did not try reversing the steps like that. Sometimes the trainer does not show up right away for the power selection, I don’t know why. Once I select it for power, then it appears as controllable. Then I can go back and select my rally pedals for power. I have found at that point I also have to select the pedals for cadence or it shows “1” for cadence the whole time or just disconnects.