Trainer detected but NO movement

(Fonne VK WBR (c)) #1

Hi, I’m on a TACX Flow Smart T2240, newly bought last week. First ride went smooth, upgraded to membership and now Zwift detects my trainer, but when I start pedalling there is no output and no movement… Any idea what the issue can be and how to resolve it please?

(Paul Allen) #2

Have you tried using the Tacx app to make sure the trainer is broadcasting watts?

Can you post a pic of your pairing screen.

(Fonne VK WBR (c)) #3


same story, first time tacx app detected it and logged some efforts… second day it detects it but nothing gets registred.

(Paul Allen) #4

I would suggest contacting Tacx support:

(Fonne VK WBR (c)) #5

did it this morning :wink:

(Adam Burrows) #6


Were you able to resolve this issue?

I have the same problem, I have contacted Tacx support but the suggestions they have made haven’t worked.

Kind regards

(Paul Allen) #7


Please give a run down for your situation since it could be very different than someone else.

(Fonne VK WBR (c)) #8

The solution was pretty easy… they gave me a new trainer since there was some hardware problem. Hasn’t failed me since!

(Adam Burrows) #9

Paul, I am able to connect the trainer via bluetooth to zwift snd the Tacx Utility App. However when I start pedaling no power is transmitted.

I have checked the bike set up and everything seems fine, the rear tyre is fairly firm against the trainer. Tacx support suggested that the trainer might be like this but this isnt the problem.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for your comment,

(Paul Allen) #10


If it pairs both to Zwift and the Tacx app and when pedaling there is now wattage displayed you should contact Tacx support. 

You could try new batteries in the trainer and see if that helps, but I am guessing there is an issue with the trainer.