Firmware Update in Tacx Flux S

Hi Team,

After i ran a firmware update on my smart trainer nothing is now working. It is connecting to the smart trainer but Watts, RPM and Controlable are showing zero.

Wondering if there is any support i can get from any zwifter experiencing the same issue.

Hi @Raul824_Cribelis

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Make sure the trainer is not paired to the smart trainer app or any other app or bike computer, and that all other apps used by the trainer are not running in the background as that will steal the signal from Zwift. Another thing you can try is turning off any other Bluetooth device in the immediate area to rule out interference.

Once you’ve done those things if you find that you’re still having issues, reach out to our support team so we can troubleshoot the issue.

Is not working. i’m really frustrated

Have you contacted the support team as suggested above?