0 watts, 0 RTM

Pls can someone help me. When i want to ride, I have 0 watts And 0 rpm and my avatar doesnt move.

I have Tacx flow Smart.

Hi @Lubos_Balata

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what device are you using for Zwift. Do you pair using ANT+ or Bluetooth.

Did you pair as power source and controllable.

Check that the tacx app is closed and unpaired.

Hi Gerrie,

Im using bluetooth connection and my notebook.

I dont use the Tacx app.

Check that your notebook did not pair to the trainer.

Bluetooth can only talk to one app at a time so if it is paired to anything else it won’t work.

Can’t be problem that thé light on Tacx flow Smart Is orange? I dont know it was orange before thé problem

Tacx Flow Smart LED Lights and Error Codes | Garmin Customer Support.

Did you try to open the TACX app on your phone. The orange indicate software update

I dont use Tacx app, i Will install, and yes Orange on Tacx flow Smart Is orange.

You should be using the Tacx app to calibrate your trainer, as well as doing the software updates.

Super, it looks like good, but at this moment update stay at at the half, for long time, should i Wait pro reset app And try update again?

Wait…Always Wait.

Also your phone battery is almost dead, never start a update with a battery that is lower than 80%

Ok thanks a lot i Will Wait. :+1::sunglasses:

At this moment i can try using Zwift?

I recommend doing the calibration first, using the Tacx app or a Garmin computer. But hopefully it works now with or without calibration.

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That is good news,

The trainer light should now be green.

Remember to fully close the tacx app.