Cannot find Tacx Flow T2240 Controllable Trainer

Zwift can connect to my Tacx Flow T2240 for Power Source and Cadence but it can’t find it as a Controllable Trainer.

Bought new yesterday (specifically chosen because it’s listed here) and it connected to all three on first try and I completed an FTP test, but today it only connects to Power Source and Cadence.

Massively disappointing having bought this specifically for Zwift, didn’t expect it to be this painful.

Windows, connecting via Mobile Link app over bluetooth.

After installing a firmware update with the Tacx Utility app (Appleand Androidversions) all three links are now working. I’ll comment again after my next ride to confirm whether it still works or not.

Just went for another ride and this time it found all three right away so the most likely cause was out-of-date firmware on the trainer.

Mine has the same problem, and it is up to date. First time it worked, now, second day after buying it it’s not working anymore… Any tips?


More info is need to assist you.

Paul, i just bought a Tacx Flow Smart 2 days ago. Yesterday i tried Zwift for the first time. I connected the trainer to my phone with bluetooth and then the phone to my pc via Zwift Link App. I have a Samsung J5 (2015) and I am running windows 10 on my pc. Zwift manages to find the trainer in the power and cadence areas but not in the controllable area. First time when i used it (yesterday) it worked out just fine, measuring my power, my cadence and controlling the trainer, now it doesn’t want to find the trainer in the controllable area.


After posting this I was experiencing intermittent issues with connectivity until I read somewhere that smart trainers don’t broadcast a particularly strong signal.

I still connect my phone to Zwift over my local network but the trainer is connected to my computer via ANT+ using and

The trick is to use the extension cable so the dongle is inches from the trainer — since I started doing this I haven’t had any connectivity problems. Hopefully this will work for you too, either way please update this thread for the benefit of others!

As an aside, I’d recommend using the Tacx mobile app to a) ensure your firmware is up-to-date, and b) configure the roller height so the resistance is optimal.

I would also, recommend the ANT+ dongle with the USB extension to get the dongle as close to the trainer as possible. When paring it to Zwift make sure it is the ANT+ FE-C.