Issues with separate power and controllable trainer

I experience an issue where the difficulty is not changing for the first approx 10minutes of each ride when using a separate power meter and controllable trainer. After approx 10minutes everything operates as normal. Eg. Between minutes 0-10, whether i’m riding up a hill down a hill or on the flat, there is no change in difficulty, as sometime around the 10 minute mark it starts working as expected. If i back all the way out of Zwift and choose my trainer as both the power meter and the controllable trainer, the difficulty is immediately reflected, when going up hills it’s harder than when going down.

Devices in Use:
Apple TV
All devices connected through Zwift Companion app on iPhone
Garmin Cadence Sensor
Garmin HRM Pro
Garmin Vector 3 Power Meter pedals
Garmin/Tacx Neo 2

I appreciate that you’ve listed all the devices you’re using - many times we’re left guessing.

There’s no easy way to say this but Zwift HQ has in past advised that the Companion App is, effectively, a “tool of last resort”. It introduces another layer of complexity to the system so it’s more prone to issues than directly connecting to the device running the Zwift app.

I note that you’re heavily invested in the Garmin ecosystem. Do you have an Edge bike computer as well?

My setup is similar to yours: NEO2T, Garmin Rally Pedals, HRM-Pro+, Garmin Edge 1040, and an AppleTV. I connect the trainer and HRM to the ATV via Bluetooth (which uses up the two available slots) and then connect “everything” to my Garmin Edge via ANT+.

I effectively let Zwift control the trainer but I log my ride on the bike computer, then adjust the distance & elevation gain in the saved Garmin activity. (I don’t sync Zwift directly to Garmin)

I hope someone can help sort your issue out but the above would at least temporarily bypass the issue you’re having while not losing your data. (provided you have a bike computer or Garmin watch to log to)

Another wildcard option: you can use your iPhone as a controller for your AppleTV, unpairing the physical remote and freeing up an extra BLE slot for the Vector pedals as a power source. IIRC, they should function as a cadence source as well. (mine do)

Hi, yes i have taken that approach previously (yes Garmin 530) however i prefer my power in Zwift to come from my pedals as at that point there is minimal loss (i get approx 5-6% loss between pedals and trainer which Garmin have told me is expected). I have wanted to try unpairing the remote however i’ve not had much success in achieving that.

Issue appears to have been resolved by deleted the companion app (and data) and the Zwift app (and data) and reinstalling/logging in. Cavet, only tested on 1 ride so far.

Geoff, I’d be very interested to hear how you get on. As an ATV user myself, I used to use the Companion app Bluetooth bridge so that I could run my Assioma Duo pedals as the power source and my Neo 2T as the controllable. For me, this turned out to be pretty unreliable and I would experience drop-outs at arbitrary times during a ride (race :grimacing:), sometimes after several minutes other times upwards of an hour.

Because of this, I no longer use my pedals as the power source and have reverted to using the Neo 2T as power source and controllable. I never got to the bottom of my particular problem.