tacx ginius doesnt connect

(Bob Goos) #1

i have a tacx genius see picture but it doesnt connect with the tacx ant cable

there is no smart rider to find ?if i open software trainer 4 advanced of tacx everything is ok .i close garmin and tacx applications but dont get a zwift connection.

who can help me?



(Peter Matchett) #2

is it the Genius SMART we’re talking about here?

(Bob Goos) #3

yes not the I genius but the smart I think connected with a cable plus a black box with blue link element on the star wiel is also a cable free link button box in use the lights blink.it have no cable.


(Bob Goos) #4

Tacx t 2080

(. TomH..) #5

Hi Bob, 

Hopefully I can help :slight_smile:

I just tested the T2080 in our lab and it works fine. Is your trainer running the latest 3.1.13/1.15.0 firmware? - (you can use Tacx Utility app to check)

Also, are you running the latest Zwift version? (1.0.10145) (you can see this number when you are logging in Zwift)


(Bob Goos) #6

my version have the number 1.010147

the firmware of the tacx brake is 1.1.317

in tacx trainer advanced software is 5.1.85

it works perfect in tacx software.

when i push in the zwift software the power source button the ant symbol is blinking the bleutooth does not connect 

but dont see my tacx








(. TomH..) #7

Hi Bob,

Can you please update your trainer to 3.1.13/1.15.0 firmware

If it works fine with the Tacx software it doesn’t mean it will work with Zwift. 

Also what’s the distance between your trainer and the Ant+ Dongle? 

Thank you