Is there a way to connect Tacx T2021 Genius to Zwift. Old version does not support FEC ANT but not Open ANT+


Is there a way to connect Tacx Genius T2021, the old version that does not have Open ANT+ and FEC. It has ANT. Is there any way to get this working with zwift?

There is a usb dongle wich come with Tacx software. I have this but it does not show up in zwift when I search for trainers?

How & What can I do to get it working?

I have the same problem, iGenius T2021, does not show up in list.  If you want another member to sign-up, the Zwift team could at least post a response, to let us know they are working !?



Hi all,

I have the same Problem with the iGenius T2121

TACX Ant+ T2028 is connected with my PC but it does not Show up in the list when i search for Trainers.

Could someone help me