Zwift Not Finding TACX Vortex Smart

(Rob Snyder) #1

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.  Just got the TACX Vortex Smart Trainer and trying to connect with Zwift.  I have the ANT+ dongle plugged in - updated firmware to latest version - when I start the Zwift app and “search”, nothing is being recognized.  Am I doing something wrong?

(Rob Snyder) #2

Just noticed something - I saw a thread here that says to update to 3.1.7.  I just used the utility to update, and it is now on version 3.1.13/0.2.7.  I “checked for updates” and it says I am up to date.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Hi Rob,

Are you searching under Controllable Trainer? And how far away is your ANT+ dongle from the trainer itself?

(Frank Goehner) #4

You should try and isolate if the issue is with the trainer or Zwift.  I suggest that you Test out the trainer with the tacx utility app and see if that can see the trainer.  If the tacx utility app can’t see it, then you have an issue with the the trainer.

(Rob Snyder) #5

My bad all - thanks for your responses.  My ANT+ dongle is new and for some reason it wasnt working with my laptop.  After a driver download and reboot, all is good.  Thanks!