can't pair my Vortex Smart as a controllable device

I have just installed my bike on a Vortex Smart T2180 trainer

When starting Zwift and when connecting the ANT dongle, I only see the device as a power and cadance meter but it does not show up in the searching box as a controllable device.

I already used the Tacx utility app to see if the firmware needs an update but it says its uptodate. 


What am I doing wrong?


First thing I’d recommend is making sure your firmware is up to date. See our troubleshooting article. If that’s still not working, your trainer may be faulty, and I’d recommend contacting Tacx support.

Yes I now noticed that I have firmware 3.0.22 installed and I meed 3.1.7 or higher.
However, the tacx utility app says the firmware is up to date, that I have the latest update… So I don’t get an option to update. I bought the vortex secondhand.

Anyone know how to Update the firmware?

Arjen, did you ever get your firmware updated? I’ve got s buddy with the exact same problem right now. Tacx utility wont let him update…