Controlling tacx vortex

Hi… I’m new here… 

I just rode with my smart trainer, Tacx Vortex Smart, Zwift isn’t controlling the trainer… its paired with it, for trainer, and cadence… but its not pairing under the block, controllable trainer… its a brand new trainer… 

any suggestions? 

thank you


Maybe you need to update the firmware via the app on your phone.

Thank you. I did. And it works perfectly. So cool

I have the same trainer and I had to use a UBS extension cable to get the dongle closer to the trainer as the transmission range is short. Also make sure you don’t have the Tacx app open as it overrides the control of the trainer.


I just downloaded Swift, I have a Tacx Vortex Smart. The Tacx app supports Bluetooth Smart, so I didn’t bought an ANT+ dongle. I read on the forum that full support for Bluetooth Smart trainers is coming, so buying a ANT+ dongle would be a waste of money. 

When is this full support expected? 

Hello Folks,

I just bought a Tacx Vortex smart and attempted my first ride (UCI Worlds in Virginia) and I was whooped simply attempting to get my speed to 15 mph!  I’m in bad shape, but not that bad!

Is this a calibration issue?  If so, how do I calibrate?

Thanks in advance,