(Kenneth Heggoy) #1


I’m the owner of a Tacx Vortex trainer. It is eqipped with a ANT+ Antenna (not a dongle). This one: Everything works fine with the TTS4, but in Zwift it won’t pair. It seems to find the ANT+ but not the rest. Any suggestions?

(Caspar Christensen [DBR]) #2

Me to. Do I need an alternative ANT+ dongle?

(Martin Bjorgvik Sz) #3

Have you updated your Vortex to the latest firmware ? Here is a link on howto do that


(Marco Pereira) #4

same problem here, I connect like powermeter 7719, but zwift dont control the resistance…

(Tom Coudyzer (TK.be) B) #5

You must at least be at firmware 1.3.7 (update via iOS device only as I’m ware of)

(Ulrik Vadstrup [DBR]) #6

How new is the Vortex. Make sure it’s the new T2180 “Smart” model, or you wont be able to connect.