Tacx i-vortex t2170.

Can I connect my Tacx i-Vortex Y2170 with zwift? I have the ANT dongle as well. 

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No, you can’t. Only as “dumb” trainer with powermeter or speed/cadence sensors.

too bad. Thanks for your repsonse

Sure you can use the Vortex with Zwift as a smart trainer. Using that setup over here.

When starting Zwift just hit the search button for smart trainer and it should find your Vortex.


The i-Vortex and the Vortex are 2 different trainers. The Vortex is a “Smart” trainer and the i-Vortex is an older “dumb” trainer that is no longer available.

This link might help you: http://forum.tacx.com/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=23603

Paul, thanks, I didn’t know that. Sorry for the confusion this might have caused.


I’ve bought a second hand i-vortex that my club mate used for Zwift so I don’t think its as simple as saying the i-Vortex doesn’t work at all.  However there is some issues as having bought the second hand i-vortex Zwift does not find the i-Vortex when I try to use it (via ant+).  I had previously borrowed a friends Vortex Smart which worked fine. 

Is there any update or ideas how I can pair the i-vortex.

I’m in the same boat.  Just bought (new) i-Vortex based on the sales blurb as a smart trainer (being defined as 2 way communication with laptop software).  Works fine using ANT+ and the TACX software.  I’m  a bit disappointed that ZWIFT doesn’t recognise it.  I know the world is moving to Bluetooth and tablets, but the i-Vortex is certainly not ‘dumb’ as suggested by a previous contributor.  I will continue to try and find a way of connecting via ANT+.