vortex can it work

I have vortex usb ant+ is t2018 and unit on floor is 1968.  I have figured out this is not the smart version.  Question is can i buy anything additional for mine to make it smart and braking be controlled by zwift.

Nothing according to tacx.

Only Genius is supposed to be upgraded.

thats what i thought but i installed zwift yesterday on windows 8 PC and it worked with my non-smart vortex. however, it didnt control resistance of the roller but it did change the speed according to the gradient. its usable in this state but not perfect. yesterday, zwift rolled out beta testing in apple OS format for non smart trainers (bluetooth).

Thanks everyone.  Today i could get zwift to find ant plus for speed cadence but wouldnt find my trainer when it was searching .   Any idea why

make sure you have the latest software for-


tacx brake

tacx ant dongle

turn the pedals when searching for the brake. i dont know if needed but i did this to check the cadence sensor worked and then added the brake.


I just downloaded zwift. where do i find latest softwhere for tacx

“I just downloaded zwift. where do i find latest softwhere for tacx”

The TACX software is available for sale on their website but you probably only need the free Tacx Utility app for a smartphone. It is available on Android and OiS. Use the phone to update the firmware on the trainer with Bluetooth

If you don’t have the vortex smart version, you can’t get Zwift to control your brakemotor. I have an old model I-Vortex myself.

I bought an extra set ANT+ speed/cadans sensor and installed it on my bike. Select classic trainer to get Zwift to find your Speed sensor (turn wheel).

Then select a trainer form the menu.I select CycleOps SuperMagneto.

Apply Motorbrake I-Vortex to you bikewheel and turn electric on and turn on your I-vortex brakecontrol unit. ( It’s necessary to do it in this order because otherwhise the Tacx Software might trying to control the ANT+ receiver.

On I-Vortex brake control unit I select 0% slope.

Power output in Zwift and I-Vortex control unit are almost the same.

Ride On

i did have the old vortex couldt not get it to work . got me the smart version and it works very good .)