tacx vortex setup (newbie)

(john henkel) #1

Hi folks,

I read the similar posts, but I’m still unsure.  I purchased the


just to use zwift. I was able to use my smartphone to update the smart trainer firmware to the most recent version.  The trainer has bluetooth and ant+ logos indicating these capabilities, but I also need a ant+ dongle?  This is to plug into my PC’s usb port right?




(Eric Min) #2

You’ll need the ANT+ dongle and a USB extender cable. This is what the cable looks like. You can also find the same cable on Amazon. 


Welcome to Zwift! 

(Steve Phillips) #3

I’ve got Tacx Vortex and as Eric says you need Ant and USB extender.

For those thinking of purchasing Vortex for Zwift I recommend the connected version package, has all you need.