How to get Tacx Santori Smart Trainer working via bluetooth with Zwift

I searched everywhere to get the Tacx Santori smart trainer working via bluetooth reliably with Zwift.  In the end, I just tested multiple processes until I found one that worked.  My setup is:

  • Tacx Santori Smart Trainer

  • Nexus 6p running Android 8.1

  • Windows 10 on an MSI Apache Pro laptop

The process I follow each time to get the trainer connected:

  1. Bluetooth off laptop 

  2. Bluetooth off phone

  3. Trainer off

  4. Bluetooth on - Laptop

  5. Start Zwift - Laptop

  6. Search for Power Source - Zwift laptop

  7. Turn On Bluetooth - Phone

  8. Start Zwift Mobile Link - Phone

9.  Wait for Bluetooth to link between phone - laptop (pulsing phone in Zwift online)

10.  Turn on trainer

11.  Takes about a minute to link.

12.  Do what you’re going to do on Zwift

Note that I have my laptop one floor away and about 30 ft.  

Note: I believe it’s much easier to use ant+ but I think you need to have your computer next to your trainer.

I then cast Zwift via Chromecast to my TV.  To do this:

a. After you have zwift running, bring up the chrome browser.

b. Click the Cast button (top right  of browser)

c. Select Cast To and then select Cast Desktop.

d. Select Source and select your chromecast device.

e. Mimimize the chrome browser.

f. Make Zwift full screen.

Hope this saves some people the pain of what I went through. 


I know bridging Bluetooth can be a pain, that is why I suggest to many people to just get a USB extension and an ANT+ dongle and you will end up with a much more robust connection. I started out using BLE (beta tested it) and quickly move to ANT+ because of the headache.

If you use the USB extension then you can connect the laptop/desktop to a TV using HDMI for a better quality picture.

Doesn’t the Ant+ dongle have to be near the trainer?  My issue is that my laptop is used as a desktop with all kinds of stuff attached.  Detaching everything is a pain.  I did just find an old android tablet with I think v4.4 on it.  Charging it up now.  I may try that.

A side note.  I purchased a ant+ dongle but it’s one for my phone.  Since it’s micro usb, it doesn’t work with my laptop unless I get a converter…which I might do if this proves to be unreliable.  However, with the method above, it does attach everytime.


Yep, that’s why you get a USB extension cable and then plug the ANT+ dongle into that. There can be a lot of interference with Bluetooth (or ANT+ for that matter) over that range.