Tacx Bluematic Smart problems connecting to Zwift App

Using my PC to connect via Bluetooth, does not pick up my equipment. Tried to connect on my iPhone and it picked up and paired my equipment but my rider would not move even though I was peddling. Top right box was showing my RPM but again my rider was just sat there?

Q1 Is my PC too far from sensor on bike?

Q2 Why does my rider not move when using IOS device? 

Q3 I don’t know what ANT+ is does I need a receiver in my laptop? The receiver fitted to my bike says ANT+ and Bluetooth sensor.Thanks in advance




First thing, is your PC Bluetooth enabled?

It is possible your trainer is not within the computers signal range. Easily verified. :slight_smile:

ANT+ (a slightly different comms tech) is my preferred method of pairing, I find it more secure with no drop-outs.

You will need an ANT+ dongle inserted into the USB socket of the computer.

As your trainer is both Bluetooth and ANT+, I would definitely go with ANT+.

Hi Paul

Thanks for your reply

Yes my PC is Bluetooth enabled Windows 10 laptop. Maybe I need to move it closer. i will try this until I buy a ANT+ dongle.

What can you tell me about connecting to my iPad? Will this be a better more stable connection?

Look forward to your reply. Will let you know how I get on connecting up tomorrow via laptop.


You cannot connect your To Zwift on your PC directly using Bluetooth, you would need to use the Zwift Mobile App to bridge the signal. The PC and the phone running the ZML need to be on the same network inoder for the link to happen.

I would just suggest getting an Ant+ dongle with a USB extension to get the dongle as close to the trainer as possible. Something like this would work: https://shop.zwift.com/products/zwift-ant-starter-pack

Hi Jo

My experience with Zwift and iOS devices is limited. Some have a really solid connection and prefer the Bluetooth/iOS route. Others seem to have problems.

I run Zwift on a PC with ANT+ dongle and use an iPad for the mobile link control, sending messages, taking pics, kudos and so on.

I agree with Paul, the ANT+ and USB extension is the way to go. As your trainer has both Bluetooth and ANT+, there is nothing lost in trying the iPad/bridge/PC route until your ANT+ dongle arrives.

Let us know how you get on :slight_smile: