Can you help clarify setup with Tacx Flux? Confused by contradicting information

Dear All,

I’m ordering a Tacx Flux, to ride Zwift. 

Tax website advises to get a USB ANT+ antenna, which is not cheap.

I read also that you need an ANT+ dongle for your computer…

Can’t I just pair it over Bluetooth, like I also read,  and save a few $$? 

For pairing I can use an iPhone, or a MacBook Pro. I can mirror the iPhone screen over wifi to a TV in case you need to keep the iPhone close to the trainer.

I would greatly appreciate the advice of an experienced Zwifter.

I’m making a huge effort to buy this trainer, and I don’t want to spend money on accessories if they are not strictly necessary.

Thank you!


You do not need the Tacx antenna, you would just need a USB dongle and a USB extension cable.

or you could use the Zwift Mobile Link to bridge the Bluetooth signal to a PC

or you could just use the build in Bluetooth in a Mac.

or you could use the Zwift app on an IPhone/iPad and use a lightning to HDMI to connect it to a TV.

or you can just run Zwift on the iPhone or iPad without sending it to a TV.

You have options to use Zwift with that trainer since it broadcasts in both Ant+ and BLE.


The Zwift do not read a Blooth signal from de TACx Flux.

In the tacx app its working, but when i try to do in my Iphone APP, the signal do dot works.





You need to make sure that the trainer is not connected to any other app or device using Bluetooth, Bluetooth can only connect to one device or app at a time.