Hi! I just bought Flux2 trainer and have a problem with connecting it to Zwift. I am able to connect the trainer to my iPhone via Taxc utility app but Zwift seems not to see the device. Any ideas? Many thanks for your help!

Best, Marcin

Hi Marcin.

I assume you’re trying to use Bluetooth, which works on an exclusive pairing basis. So if your Flux is paired to the Tacx app, it disppears from the air and Zwift (and everything else) can’t see it. Make sure you’ve disconnected the Flux from the Tacx app, then disable Bluetooth on your phone. Turn everything off for 10mins then try again with Zwift. Remember that you don’t ever need to pair a phone/tablet/Windows etc to the trainer directly (like you would say a set of headphones), because that will cause the same problem.

Dear Dave, many thanks for your prompt response. I disconnected the trainer from the taxc app and my iPhone and also turned off Bluetooth for some time. When I turned it on and tried Zwift again Zwift does not see the device. I do not have this problems with Tacx apps at all. Any ideas?

Best, marcin

What device are you running Zwift itself on?

Tried iPhone and iPad

I can only assume the Flux is still pairing to some other app which are taking it away from visibility to Zwift. This is the problem with Bluetooth. You mention other Tacx apps, the Flux needs to be unpaired from them all.

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Ok, will try to find the blocking app! Can it only be connected via Bluetooth?

When running Zwift on an iPhone or iPad, yes. Other platforms allow use of ANT+, which broadcasts freely into the air at all times and doesn’t have this issue. That’s not to say ANT+ is ‘better’, it just doesn’t have this particular pairing exclusivity quirk.

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I tried again and again and finally managed to connect. I do not think that I did anything differently (I only turned on ANT+) but it works now so many thanks for you help. Best, marcin

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