FLUX 2 pairing issue in Mac OS

Signed up for Zwift with the new FLUX 2. But it refused to be found. It works perfectly with the TACX software but it has been impossible to connect it to Zwift.

I finally figured our that I had to remove the TACX software entirely to make it work.

Depends how you are trying to connect it to Zwift. If you are using Bluetooth and your Tacx is connected to the Tacx App on your phone or computer you can’t do that. You can only have one Bluetooth connection at a time. You’d need to close the Tacx App and make sure the trainer isn’t connected to your phone the pair it with Zwift. If you have ANT+ capabilities you can sync it to an multiple sources this way.

Hi @Marcel_Ewals welcome to Zwift forums!
I work at ZwiftHQ and am looking at several of your recent sessions on our server logs.

In most of these sessions, there’s a trainer called the Tacx Blue Twist bonded to the game. In other cases, there’s also a Tacx Flux 2 bonded to the game. Do you own both? In households with more than one smart trainer, it’s a good idea to turn off the one that’s not being used.

If you don’t have the Blue Twist, is it possible a neighbor does? If so, you may want to unpair all the sensors, then re-connect the trainers and make sure you bond to the right ones.

Thank you for looking into this matter.

There is only one trainer and I have never seen a signal of another trainer nearby. I only have the Flux 2.

As mentioned, I have removed the TACS training software from my Laptop which has resolved the situation. I have also ordered an ANT+ USB as a backup as I read this should improve.

However, there was a clear difference using the TACX training software which immediately located the trainer, unlike swift which needs to activate the search function to be able to locate it.

I posted this as a possible solution for others (removing the TACS software on MAC) . Meanwhile, l thank you for going the extra mile to check on the case. my last training should show correct linkage??!!

Regards, Marcel