Connect via ANT using Tacx Flux Smart?

I’m wondering if there is a way to connect to Zwift on Mac OS X on my Tacx Flux Smart using the ANT+ Connection?  The middle light on the Tacx Flux is not lit up and I only see the bluetooth icon in the Paired Devices screen.  The ANT icon is showing a triangle with !.  I’m using a MacBook Pro to run Zwift.  I’m assuming this probably means you can only connect via bluetooth but if you can please confirm that would be great!

Hi Darren,

You can connect to your Tacx Flux Smart via ANT+ or bluetooth. The ANT+ icon showing the triangle with a ! means that Zwift is not finding your ANT+ dongle.

Try the troubleshooting in this article.



Do I need a dongle or does the Tacx Flux Smart just have this ANT+ built right in?

According to ANT no drivers are necessary to be installed on a Mac Operating System

You’ll need an ANT+ dongle, if you want to connect via ANT+. You also have the option of connecting via bluetooth

Also, make sure that your Tacx Flux is up to date on the latest firmware.

That is what I thought - so I need this ANT+ dongle to hook up to the MacBook.  Right?

Hi Darren,

Yes. The computer does not have ANT+ capabilities built in.