have my first smart trainer - TACX Flux. How to connect to PC via Bluetooth?

Hi, i’m a total noob with smart trainers. I’ve got a new TACX Flux. I’ve downloades Zwift succesfully, and I’ve paired it with my iPhone via Bluetooth. Great. Easy.

I have a PC, which is where i really want the Flux to connect to 
(via Bluetooth), but that’s where the problem starts. I can see the Flux in my “Manage Bluetooth Devices” window, but when i try to pair/connect, it says “driver error” under the trainer name. 

What’s next step to try when you see that error message? I actually went in to “update drivers” but that didn’t seem to do anything. 


You’ll need to make sure to use ZML to paid it with your computer. Here’s a guide on that!

uh boy. I really need to learn patience and, um, reading more :slight_smile:

thanks - worked like a charm it seems

You could also buy an ANT+ dongle from somewhere like Amazon for £15 and connect direct to the PC.  I have one on my laptop as its more convenient and reliable than using the phone to bridge.