No Cadence - Tacx Vortex Smart


I use Zwift on IOS and on my last couple of rides the Cadence data has been very choppy or in the case of my most recent ride it stopped picking up. The sensor was showing as paired and when tested using the Tacx app it shows a Cadence figure is being broadcast. 

Is is there an issue with the app that is causing this not to pick up and record the information?


I found this in the forum:

"  Scott Ivell [VBCC] January 12, 2016 05:48
   Note from Zwift:

   We stopped displaying estimated cadence (which is what most smart trainers      use) as it very rarely reflects reality. Zwift, in game, only shows cadence for  dedicated cadence sensors or those on power meters"

  I have moved back to my BLE Wahoo SC device for cadence"

Thanks Steve - that looks like it is from Jan 2016? I’ve been using Zwift on my Vortex throughout since iOS app was released and it’s only since the most recent update I’ve not had cadence showing. Very confused!