Tacx Vortex Smart: Cadence doubled

I have upgraded the firmware on my new Vortex trainer and tested it with the Tacx Utility App - all good.

When i connect to Zwift, occasionally - and i notice it most at low cadence - the cadence reported is huge; nearly doubled

Everything else works - power, ERG but cadence is inconsistent

Anyone else encounter this?

I encountered the opposite the other day. Accidentally paired my vortex smart as cadence instead of my Garmin sensor and the cadence reported maxed out at 35.

Note from Zwift:

“We stopped displaying estimated cadence (which is what most smart trainers use) as it very rarely reflects reality. Zwift, in game, only shows cadence for dedicated cadence sensors or those on power meters”

I have moved back to my BLE Wahoo SC device for cadence