tacx bushido + ios zwift - cadence 0

my zwift sudenly during workout stopped showing cadence, it is constant 0.

It is detecting cadence sensor, but always shows 0.

Power is working fine.

Cadence was also working fine until today.

I checked with tacx training app and there cadence is working.

Newest zwift on ios 11 ipad air.

We don’t recommend using the cadence sensors in smart trainers, as they aren’t always accurate. 

Had the same exact problem today. The cadence has been working perfectly until today. I checked the Tacx training app, and the cadence was working without any problems at all.

What was also strange was that the cadence now and then popped back inn.

This has to be a software problem at Zwift, when it’s obviously feeding the information via the Bluetooth link.

for me reinstalling zwift helped