Tacx Neo Smart 2 cadence issues after Zwift update

After Dec 3 Zwift’s update Tacx Neo 2 cadence blinking permanently.
No matter how trainer is connected, via MacBook 2015, 15 Bluetooth, iPhone SE bluetooth Zwift companion, or iOS standalone app.

In other apps everything is alright.
Tacx Utillity
Tacx Training App

I use Tacx Flux 2 and there are cadence issues here too. Cadence readout either disappears or fluctuates by 20-30 rpm in 10 seconds. Can Tacx and zwift get together on this?


I just got a tacx neo 2 and can confirm that there is an issue also with the cadence on zwift. The tacx neo 2 and zwift are up to the latest software versions as of Dec 5th 2018. I was connected to zwift via an iPad 9.7 2017 model. The cadence was constantly fluctuating giving readings such as 0, 80, 160 etc when i was outputting a consistent cadence.

The cadence reflected correctly in the tacx utility app.


I can confirm thus issue and have the same with my Tacx Neo 2 and Zwift (on MacBook and iPhone). Both MacBook and iPhone show exactly the same behaviour as reported by other users, where cadence is bouncing all over the place and often defaults to 0, something like: 54, 102, 0, 63, 125, 0, etc.

This started with the 3 December update. Everything was fine before the update.


Yes, just the same behaviour

I have the same issue via Bluetooth, works fine via Ant+


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Same Problem

Same problem as well

I have a completely different setup (KICKR Core and Stages G.2) but after the update I did see the same issues today. Quite frequent cadence dropouts. Never seen a single dropout with these devices before :frowning:

Investigating! Will update soon

Edit: @Anders_Bang_Poulsen @Andreas_Gad @Alexander_Gloel @merg @valioozz @JoostBoZ @Colm_Hawe can you all send in a support conversation with your log files, the device you’re using, your game version, and whether you’re on Bluetooth or ANT +?

Support Conversation: Contact Us
How to find log files: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/how-do-i-find-my-log-files-(cycling)-SyTW0JZSX

Thanks @Vincent. Happy to hear that Zwift is investigating this issue.

I just sent you separately via email the log file of my latest ride where I also had the issue with the RPM data. For the broader group, my setup:

  • Tacx Neo 2
  • Macbook Pro
  • macOS 10.14.1
  • Zwift game version 1.0.32268
  • iPhone with Zwift Companion 3.0.1
  • Tacx connection to Zwift with Bluetooth

Hallo Vincent,

thanks a lot for working on this problem. Since I‘m zwifting on Apple TV 4K I am not able to tap the Zwift Logo with the remote to get to my logs. I am zwifting on a Tacx Neo 2 with Ant+ disabled and my Companion App on.

The cadence jumped all the time from 0 to around 80 to around 160. At no time were the cadence steady. On the Tacx Utility App the cadence is steady.

I use the following Software Versions:

Zwift: 1.0.32268

Comp App: App Version 3.0.1 (527), Server Version: 1.123.3

Tacx: 0.0.15

If there is the possibility to get my logs out of Apple TV please let me know.

Best regards


Hey Andreas, thank you for the details! I’ll forward your information over.

Log files shared. One set captured with BLE, another one captured with Ant+. Thanks for checking this, @Vincent . Issue is the same on the Neo of my wife as well.

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here is my log file.

Regards from Munich

Issues here, tried on 2x Neo 2’s fluctuating Cadence on Bluetooth on both tried to iphone, ipad and Apple TV.

Any update on when this will be resolved? Customers getting frustrated.

Logs being sent now


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Neo and a Garmin heart strap on a MacBook via and ANT dongle have stopped connecting.
Can occasionally get some of the devices going (power, cadence, heart rate, controllable) - but not all at the same time

Merry Xmas

Same problem here. Only just received my Neo 2 and its frustrating not to be able to use it to it’s full! Would really appreciate bug being fixed ASAP.


I have the same issue with Neo 2, cadence flaps between 164 82 and 0 both on my Mac and Apple TV.

Same problem here, cadence is inaccurate and bouncing, I have to use the external sensor on the crank arm.