Problem connecting Tacx Neo and Zwift since latest Tacx Up date


I’ve been using Zwift and a Tacx Neo for a year without issue.

Since latest Tacx Neo software up date on sunday, though I can still pair Zwift with my Neo, the data provided are erratic: cadence, power, no more road feel, no more resistance change with the gradient variations, etc.

Any idea ?

Thank you !


We heard a rumor that there was an issue caused by a recent firmware update that was also being fixed by another, following firmware update. You should contact Tacx for more information about this.


I am struggling with the same issue. MacBook(latest software) plus BLE to my Tacx Neo(latest firmware) keeps droping the wattage and cadence for 5-10 sec one in a minute. The BLE signal is okay (-68 to -70db).

Using my iPhone and Mobile Link everything is working just fine.


This whole issue started after updating my Neo firmware. I have contacted Tacx and will post an update when I get the answer.

I got an reply from Tacx:
"Dear Christian,

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

This is a known error with the latest firmware, the developers are working on a fix for this issue.
In the meantime you can downgrade the firmware version so this problem does not occur anymore.

If you want to revert back to the old firmware, please download the attached NeoDowngrade.tacxfirmware file and then forward it to your mail on your phone/tablet were the Tacx Utility app is installed
Select the file on your phone/tablet. You are now asked which program you want to open it. Select Tacx Utility app
Then connect the NEO
Then select UPDATE
Now update the NEO and you are back to the earlier version.

Kind Regards

Tacx Support"


The Link to the mentioned firmware is:

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Major thanks for sharing that information, you solved my problem.

Happy rider now