Incorrect (low) cadence reading

Cadence is showing way too low when riding a tacx neo 2T and the apple TV app.

Hi @BillG
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Can we have a little more context for clarity?

  1. Are you saying you’re spinning easily at ~80rpm but the game is reading, say, 50rpm?
  2. Are you saying the resistance of the trainer is too high and you’re can’t move a gear that you can normally spin with ease?
  3. Is this during a free ride, a group event / race, or one of the structured workouts?

On our server logs, I can see that your Tacx is connected via Bluetooth. If you connect the cadence sensor via the ANT+ signal instead, do you get a different result? Depending on the sources of radio interference, one protocol can work better than the other. Here’s some more detail on

The next thing is to see if Tacx has any firmware updates for your model via their app. Sometimes, wonky errors like this occur and the manufacturer fixes them via new firmware.

Please let us know what happens! We appreciate knowing what solves problems so others can benefit.

Hi @BillG

Looping back to your question: have you had a chance to see if Tacx has a firmware update for your trainer?

I think i did…and it was updated. That was one of the things we tried.

Who am i speaking to? These emails come through as from Zwift forum…do you work for zwift or garmin or are you someone on the forum (sorry to ask).


:wave:Hi Bill! I have the same problem in both Zwift&Tacx app,so did you solve that?Is there sth wrong with the machine?I bought another cadence sensor for the correct reading.