Neo 2T Cadence Issue

Just purchased the Tacx Neo 2T and im experiencing cadence issues. When the Neo device is connected the cadence wont go over 68 RPM. When I connect to my Quarq power meter the cadence reads correclty. Reached out to Garmin and they says its a Zwift issue. Anyone else experencing my pain?

Can you give more detail on what you are pairing it as.

Perhaps post a screenshot of your pairing screen with everything paired.

Please also let us know your shoe size, and whether you run a standard or ‘midfoot’ cleat position. I have read of other people who have cadence issues with Neo trainers because their foot is not passing the sensor consistently.

And have you checked to be sure the trainer firmware is up to date.

Maybe it’s this?

Possibly but the issue about cranks not passing the sensor tends to cause cadence drops rather than locking it at a set figure.

Shoe size or position has nothing to do it, the real issue is chainstay length, meaning that in particular gravel and mountain bikes have problems with the crank reaching far enough back to activate the cadence sensor reliably. Maybe test the magic spoon trick to extend the effective metallic length of the crank, see examples here: Cadence seems not to work correctly with Tacx Neo 2T Smart - #4 by shooj

Ah, that makes sense. I had thought it was the foot, as opposed to the cranks. Cranks, of course, makes much more sense.

I remember after getting my 2T that owners were having cadence issues, and the fix was to put a steel plate in the inside of the right crank arm. Apparently some cranks don’t have enough metal and aren’t close enough to reliably trigger the sensor. Maybe this is part of the problem here?

I think as per my previous answer, the OP is experiencing a different symptom to what the too short of a crank causes.
Having cadence locked at a specific value is likely to not caused by this.

This article covers it including input from myself. You can see that in the main you get wild fluctuations of cadence.

Well, excuse me…

the cadence wont go over 68 RPM

That, to me, could mean that the sensor isn’t detecting every time the crank passes the sensor, and is just counting the passes it senses. At least trying the ‘heal with steel’ fix would rule that out as a potential cause. It’s basically a Hall Effect sensor, and if it isn’t sensing enough, it will report what it ‘thinks’ it sees.

I mean, unless that trainer has another issue, it’s at least possible. (Is it up to date on firmware?)

The support people at Garmin are amazing. Send them an email, or call them. I’m sure they can help you fix this issue.