High cadence readings

When I on zwift (using tacx neo) during each rude the cadence will suddenly go very high (not me pedalling faster) but the little legs on the avatar spin ridiculously faster the cadence will go up in the high 100’s.

Any thoughts on what could causing this?

Which model of Tacx Neo exactly? Later models have an in-built cadence sensor which only works properly if the bike geometry and crank length is such that the cranks are in the right place for the sensor.

It’s the Tacx Neo 1 - original one and I use the in built cadence sensor. I will re-check the crank length although I would have thought this would mean it was consistently wrong rather than intermittently

On the original neo there is no physical cadence sensor and it is calculated using an algorithm.

This does occasionally go wrong and you get the experience you are receiving. It’s generally for a couple of seconds at a time.

There are no settings for crank length etc… Steve was just highlighting the fact that shorter cranks don’t directly trigger the sensor on newer Neos.

Ok, but this has been happening for a couple of months now ( just got around to searching for a resolution).

So is there anything that can be done about this issue?

In reality no. I’ve never found it to affect me. I’m using a neo.

The only real option you have is to purchase an independent cadence sensor.
Garmin do one that mounts on the inside of your crank.
You can buy cheaper ones but i couldn’t comment on their reliability.

I have found this to occur with my 2018 Kickr (W10) although it is much less when my workout room is above 50F.
Bill Black