Oval chainring with Neo

I have tacx neo 2t.
And I use mtb with oval chainring and my power shows correctly but cadence shows wrong.
Maybe some settings for oval chainrings that I don’t know about?

Cadence is from Neo? or a cadence sensor on your bike?

Your cadence is wrong how? You are talking about rpms displayed right? While it varies w/your real cadence, the cadence of your avatar is not a accurate reflection of your real cadence.

Before I used road bike with round chainrings and cadence be right.
Neo 2t shows real cadence with round chaingrings but it doesnt work with oval.
With oval chainring my cadence 3-65, although in fact he is 85-95

The Neo 2T has an actual cadence sensor so you should be able to run square chainrings for all it cares. That being said, it is also notoriously unreliable and in particular sensitive to the materials, size etc. of your crankarm. Try to see if the magic spoon trick works for you (no need to cut the spoon for a quick test) and if it does, then figure out a more permanent solution. I think there is an official part for this that you can request for free from Garmin.

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Did you change crank length?

Hi @Georgiy_Popov

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Do the cadence readings only read inaccurately in Zwift since you’ve started using the road bike with the oval chainrings or are you also seeing this issue on other apps?

If you’ve not tried other apps, maybe try using the Tacx app and see if the issue can be reproduced.

I’d like to know if this is just a Zwift problem or if the RPM issue is happening regardless of what app you use.


Thanks everyone!

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But if it was working before, you must have changed crank lengths (i.e., gone shorter) such that the sensor doesn’t get a proper reading.

No, i used other road bikes and had no problems, but only one mtb with crank lengths 175mm. Maybe frame geometry…

Yes, that is probably it. MTBs have longer chainstays than road bikes!

Yes, chainstay length is the real issue here. In the photo you can see that the crank itself goes nowhere near the trainer (not sure exactly where the sensor is but at least it has to be somewhere inside the housing…).

You may want to cover your magic spoon thing with tape or something. That thing looks now like it is going to destroy a sock sooner or later :wink:

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