ANT+ speed sensor and cadence connected but not signal

Frustrated to say the least. Any idea what’s going on please?
Did latest update a I cant use Zwift…
Anyone else with this issue?

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Wee need a bit more info see this: Guide to Getting Useful Support

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I have a Tacx booster (basic setup).
Both sensors are connected but no signal keeps reappearing… time after time. I have done the usual checks but to no avail.
Is this because of the latest update?
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What are the usual checks?

Are they BLE or ANT+.

We still need more info.

cycplus ANT+
Reading reviews these adapters are not very good.
I’ve switched sockets on laptop and also reinstalled Zwift software.

OK, can you give a COMPLETE rundown of your Zwift setup so we can better assist you.

Also: Guide to Getting Useful Support

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Tacx Booster turbo trainer
Ant+ in laptop
Garmin speed and cadence sensors
It’s work well before now. :man_shrugging:t2:

Running windows 10

We are slowly piecing together the details of your setup from your answers. as @Paul_Allen has said, we need a complete list of your settup as noted in the guide that has been linked to a couple replies.

Without that, we have no clue what hardware you running Zwift on, how you are connecting, etc…

From your posts I’m gathering you have a cycplus ANT+ stick in a Windows PC, is this correct? If so, I’d first ask, did the system ever work before the latest Zwift update? If not, one can’t assert it is an issue with the update.

ANT+ sticks are great but can be finicky. It sounds like you have the stick directly in the USB port of your laptop. That too is a common failure point. The best thing you can do is put that USB stick in a USB extender cable no more than 3 feet long and get it near your trainer. The general guidance I’ve seen is don’t go beyond 3 feet long without it being a powered extension. Signal quality will be poor through a longer cable that is not powered.

Here’s the 2 things I would strongly recommend:

  • Get a USB extender cable
  • Replace that cycplus ANT+ stick with a reputable device such as the Anself ANT+ stick. Unfortunately it appears to be unavailable on Amazon right now.
  • See this article on ZwiftInsider

I had exactly the problems you are describing on a Windows 10 laptop with the cycplus ANT+ dongle. I replaced it with the Anself and an extension cable and it has been stable for over a year. Not all ANT+ USB dongles work. There are pieces of the protocol that some of them don’t support. They still sell them because they technically talk ANT+, but don’t have all the capabilities necessary. It’s hard to tell if any given product off Amazon for example will be good or not. Many have gone to the Anself because it is proven to work. Since it is not available, nor is the Suunto (which is known good), you could play roulette trying others until you find one, or spring for the more expensive Garmin stick.

I also just did a search on Anself ANT+ USB and found it available on WalMart at this link

Keep in mind, all this info on where to buy is based on assumption you are in the USA. Again, look at the Guide to Getting Useful Support and provide all the information in there and we can help you better.