No Signal from all devices (ANT+) since last update

Hi. I have searched through all of the Known Issue and Bugs and Support threads, as well as the archives, and haven’t seen an answer that has helped me, though some problems others have had are similar.

Let me start by clarifying that my current set up has worked well for about 1 year now. .

Ever since the last Zwift update, Zwift cannot seem to keep a connection to any of my ANT+ devices; all of them can connect but say “No Signal.” During a Zwift ride, the signal from my trainer keeps getting dropped and therefore my avatar is continually stopping, hopping off the saddle, and then restarting; this happens several times within one mile and continues throughout the workout. My cadence sensor signal also repeatedly drops and reconnects, and before it reconnects, Zwift often reads a cadence between 250 & 550 rpm (and my avatar’s little legs become a whirling blur) for about a minute before showing my true cadence.

A bit about my setup and troubleshooting to date:

  • Zwift running on Windows 10 PC, with direct connection from computer to ANT+ devices through separate ANT+ dongles
  • Wahoo KICKR (2018), Garmin 1000 with cadence sensor
  • Garmin devices (GPS and HRM) have no problem maintaining connections with each other
  • All power, USB, and other physical connections have been checked and re-checked
  • ANT+ dongle moved directly under trainer
  • Anything wireless with 2.4GHz moved as far away from ANT+ dongles & devices as possible
  • Garmin Express not running on PC at same time as Zwift
  • All software updated
  • Repeated restarts of Zwift, computer, Garmin, and KICKR

Is there anything else I can try?

  • Why do you have separate ANT+ dongles? One ANT+ dongle should suffice for all of your ANT+ devices. Double check that the dongle is inserted firmly into the cable and that the USB extension is inserted firmly into your laptop.

  • How about trying the Kickr by itself? Pairing it as Power and Controllable Trainer. No cadence. No HRM. Does that work? If so, try adding the HRM. Does that work? etc…

  • What kind of cadence sensor are you using?

  • Can you change your WiFi to 5GHz? Not a deal breaker. I’m def not telling you to go out and buy it if your gear doesn’t support it, but it might help. But with the ANT+ dongle under your bike/trainer, I doubt signal interference is your issue.

Thanks for the reply. I use 1 dongle for the KICKR and one for the Garmin (from what I’ve read, the computer requires 1 dongle per device). I keep checking and re-checking the connections, though I have not yet tried replacing one of the dongles - perhaps one of them stopped working properly around the same time of the last update. My computer shows both working just fine, and I’m not sure how to check the signal stability; must look that up.

Today, it seemed that the KICKR was pairing OK until I added in the cadence sensor, at which time both signals started going in and out. Maybe another argument for one or more dodgy dongles?

I’m using a Garmin cadence sensor - not sure of the model, but it’s a couple of years old.

Unfortunately, all of my smart home devices run on 2.4GHz. It seems I’ve made myself a prisoner of technology.

Thanks again - off to check the stability of my ANT+ computer dongles.

You only need one ANT+ dongle for your computer. The only reason you might need two is if you were running something else like Trainer Road simultaneously while you ran Zwift. Then, each program would need their own ANT+ dongle. That said, I recommend you remove one of the ANT+ dongles and restart everything. Then go through the pairing sequence again.

Me too. Setup working fine for ages. Now I can’t ride with ant plus.

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Same here, for some reason Zwift has become a real pain to connect using Ant+. Perfect up until a few weeks ago, no change to setup. I keep having to turn trainer off and anr re-booting zwift.

The issue is that the set up has “not altered”, similar to myself, regardless how an individual does it. I have one Ant+ sensor on the PC using windows 10, and it is a right pain to set up. It worked like clockwork since after xmas.

This is driving my wife nuts!

I’m using a Cyclops H2, and a Garmin ant+ sensor on the Pc, no difference to months and months of hassle free and now bang, a pile of rubbish!


Following Zwift update, ‘connected, no signal’
Worked fine for 1.5 years, now not working following update, nothing else changed.

Hi, same problem.

After the last update, ant + is continuously breaking.

Same issue here since the last update just after chrismast 2019