Zwift Play (helps to raise your blood Pressure)

Been trying for four days to get these things to work but they will not connect or drop immediately after connecting.
Tech said pair through the phone but the phone companion will not allow me to pair my Tacx Neo so I have to go back to Bluetooth… great trainer and HR monitor connect no problem but the controllers tell me little or no Bluetooth signal?

Funny my Temu purchased Xoss cheap HR monitor gets picked up from 10’ away as does the trainer but the controllers would not connect or connect then drop so I move the bike within 3’ from a Bluetooth dongle (Asus USB-BT500) still they show little or no connection.
(I even set them on the desk next to the computer same issue only one or two bars on the Bluetooth connection.
Yes tried making sure nothing else is trying to connect (even though my BL amp connection does not interfere with the trainer of HR monitor? but I turned it off anyway.

So frustrating getting on an off the bike when your trying to ride to attempt to reconnect the controllers only to find they immediately disconnect.
Now I find I have to jump through hoops to return these.

I’m confused when you say you’re phone won’t let you pair the neo and you have to go back to Bluetooth?

You should be able to bridge through the companion app.
What’s happening/not happening?

Does not find the tacx if I try to add tacx as a Bluetooth device I get the message an app is needed to run this device
Basically the companion app only finds the controllers which means in the zwift app I have to switch back to Bluetooth to find the HR monitor and trainer but of course the controllers will not pair or pair then immediately lose connection.
Sometimes the right will stayed paired but the the left is a lost cause as soon as I click ok then go back into the pairing screen they are not connected
Is not my BT as I am using an Asus BT500 dongle which will pair anything else no problem