Smart Trainer + HR Bluetooth Oddity

For the past week I’ve been having an odd problem where sometimes only the HR (Wahoo Tickr) will connect or the smart trainer (Trax Flux) will connect via BT. I know it’s not down to the last Zwift update as I’ve had both connecting since then and even in between times when I can only get one to connect.

Any ideas?

Hi @Alan_Jackson welcome to Zwift forums.

I’m looking at your several of your most recent session logs on our server, and I’m seeing that you’re running the game app on a Huawei tablet running Android, is that right?

I’m also seeing two trainers connected to the game at the same time: a Tacx and a Travel Trac Comp Mag+. Do you have both? If so - please power off the one you’re not using before you fire up the game.

Getting back to the heart rate monitor - your Jan 28 session is the last time I see a Wahoo Tickr connected to the game. Is this a new purchase? Earlier in the month, it looks like there was a different heart rate device connected. Wahoo Tickrs are usually reliably easy to find and bond to the game, so I’m wondering if solving the two-trainers-connected-simultaneously issue might fix that? Please let us know.

Yes I’m using a Huawei tablet and the Tickr is a new purchase. I only have one trainer though (the tacx). It’s possible the other trainer is owned by my nextdoor neighbor.

Did stage 6 of TDZ just now. Tried shutting down & restarting my tablet as well as running the companion app on my phone. Both trainer (tacx) and HR (Tickr) connected fine this time.

The only trainer that ever shows up is my tacx so not sure how your logs are showing the other trainer connecting.

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