Wahoo Tkr not linking to zwift

Wahoo HR tikr been working fine, now does not link with zwift, any others got same problem?

Battery problem? Tickr already paired to another device/app?

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mine still works fine. I remember constantly have trouble with it before just from my lack of experience with pairing devices. Zwift can be picky about pairing. My advice to you is to enter zwift pairing and then put the heart rate monitor together and on your heart. just wait at this screen until it reads bpm. if it doesn’t then unlink your device if it is still linked then exit the game. just walk away from everything for 10 minutes and try to repeat the steps. if it does not attempt to automatically link up then just exit the game and walk away from everything for 10 minutes again. (unstrap the hr monitor when walking away both times) then for the third time enter zwift and sit on the pairing screen. then put together your hr monitor on ur heart and as soon as it flashes select it in the menu to pair it. if none of this helps I would make sure you are within range of your bluetooth device. I don’t think the tkr rly has a great range. I bought a new treamill with a different hr monitor that came with it and it said it’s ok to dampen the monitor to allow for easier reading. It could be possible you need to try that. Once your tkr is linked you shouldnt have to drop into the menu to select it each time. You should just enter the pairing menu and put your equipment on and it should read it right away.