Anyone else have problems connecting Tickr

Hi Everyone,

Got a Wahoo Tickr last week and when I switch on Zwift (WIndows 10) it finds it and works fine. But if for whatever reason it loses contact (Changing worlds so Zwift shuts down, even leaving the room for a comfort break!) it won’t reconnect. It will find it and pair but it always says no signal.

It will still connect and show heart rate if I then switch the Wahoo app on my phone on but never through Zwift.

I’d be really grateful if anyone has any idea why?


Mine does the same (a wahoo tickr connecting to a surface pro 7 running windows 10), but then again all my bluetooth connections are dropped upon startup and if they’re not transmitting for a while (leaving the room/ stop pedaling). I have to disconnect at the pairing menu and then reconnect. Happened to me after the latest updates.

I assume you are connecting through BT, not ANT+?

I had this same problem and had to return it.

Mine was fine until the Jan 24 app update. Gonna change back to ANT+ and hope for the best…

Yes, connecting via BT. It does seem to me that would be a Zwift first, then laptop, then Tickr problem due to it connecting fine to anything else that I ask it to connect to.

I have had occasional dropouts during a ride from the trainer as well where the watts just drop to zero and the bike slows down, have had to go back into pairing and redo it (although last time it was still showing the trainer as doing X number of watts even though it had stopped for a while)

Hopefully it will get better with future updates and until then I won’t change worlds during the same session!

Still dropping off in BT on Zwift. Still rock solid in ANT+ on Zwift. And still rock solid in BT on my Garmin 1020 so this is peculiar to the Zwift app and that could be plausibly extended to the Jan 24th update.