Bluetooth problems on Wahoo Bolt after Zwift update

Hello. Yesterday I updated my iOS app, and today, while preparing to train I noticed my Tickr HR wasn’t showing on my bolt computer. After triying another band I have, the results were the same.
BUT, after unpairing the Tickr from Zwift, it started to show again on the Bolt.
So apparently, once a HR sensor is connected to the app, it will block the Bluetooth signal from my Bolt. Sounds very weird, but I was able to reproduce the problem/solution 3 times.

At the moment, I’m not able to make everything work together as before the update.


Bluetooth only allows one connection to any device or app at a time. This is not a Zwift app issue, it’s a limitation of Bluetooth. ANT+ can connect to many devices or AppStore.

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You’re right. Problem was that the Tickr was connecting to the BOLT via BT instead of ANT+.
Solved it pairing the Tickr first to my phone (using the BT channel) and then to the Bolt via ANT+.