Wahoo Tickr no signal


Bike: elite direto xr-t
Device: personal computer with bluetooth dongle and windows 10

My wahoo tickr can connect with Zwift but says no signal. After long puzzle and troubleshooting i turned off my Samsung S20 mobile phone and it suddenly worked.

As a social rider i want to keep my phone on so i can communicate through the Zwift Companion app.

How can i use my phone without having my heart rate monitor to connect with it? Cuz thats the problem obv.

I turned off bluetooth on my phone, i even disconnected the Tickr in the Wahoo app but still when my phone is on; no signal in Zwift. Are there any other things i can do?

It works…but i wanna use my phone when i workout.

I think if you are on the pairing screen, in the top right you can select not to pair using the companion app.

Check if that works.

Yup did that, no pairing with companion. As a matter of fact when i dont open Companion app im still not able to train with heart rate. Keep in mind that i can pair but dont have signal. I think cuz something in my phone keeps connecting to my Tickr

Check bluetooth setting on your phone and make sure that Tickr is not there. If it is, select to “forget” it. Tickr should have two channels so maybe the one that Zwift remembers is the one that your phone connected to first.

I have Tickr too and when I had similar issue it was always because another device connected to it via BT first. Now I just connect my phone first (to run TrainerRoad) and then Zwift second. If I run Zwift only, I make sure that TrainerRoad and Wahoo apps are stopped.

I also record via Garmin watch but I have the Tickr BT disabled there (it connects via ANT+ instead). If you use a watch with BT, this may be another thing to try.

Another possible issue may be low battery which happened to me two weeks ago and resulted in similar behaviour in Zwift.

Hi! Tnx for helping me out!

I checked bluetooth: no tickr connected on my phone, i also disconnected the tickr in my wahoo app

Low battery is not the case. Its brandnew and i checked it several times: batteries are oke.

Are there any other apps which i should check on my phone that make connection with it?

So when your phone is OFF, you can pair Tickr to Zwift on PC and it works. Then you turn the phone ON and it suddenly stops working and disconnects from Zwift on PC?

If it is only during startup when your phone is ON, I would try to turn BT off…but looks like you already did that. Are you really sure that there is no other device or watch that is already connected to Tickr or was in past?

Another thing you may try is to update drivers for that BT stick or verify that it supports more than 1 connection (to trainer, to Tickr). Isn’t the PC connected to your phone already so maybe that is why there are no more free channels left? Just a guess.

When I did run Zwift on laptop, I bought a cheap ANT+ dongle that could easily connect to trainer and HR strap. This could be another workaround.

Hi and tnx for helping.

No i dont have my pc bluetooth connected to phone. I also have ant+ but that dont work properly.

Bluetooth dongle can connect up to 7 devices so im clueless why i cant let my phone on atm. Im sure there is an hidden app somewhere that is interfering.

Tickr is new and only connected to my wahoo app but i disconnected that :frowning:

No idea if any of this is useful, but Wahoo web site has sensor reset instructions (I do similar on Garmin sensors when I replace batteries):

Also evidently you have LED’s that might help you interpret what is happening:

I’d unpair the Tickr from Zwift first so it can re-discover the freshly reset Tickr.

Yh i can try that. Unpair with all, reset and then do nothing with my phone except connect tickr to Zwift on my PC. I’ll let you know! Vielen dank

Dean, it worked. I reset the Tickr and now its onyl paired with Zwift! Thanks a lot for your time and effort, much appreciated!

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