Connect Devices on BLE and ANT+ at the Same Time?

Im getting a Kinetic Inride and Road Machine. I also have a Garmin Speed, cadence and heart rate monitor.

The inride is BLE, the Garmin components are ANT+

I am using a PC to run Zwift.

Will I be able to connect the BLE inride app via bluetooth and connect to the Garmin products via ANT+ at the same time?

Yes, but you would need to use the Zwift Companion App to bridge the BLE to the PC and an ANT+ dongle in your PC for the ANT+ signal.

I connect my power meter (4iiii) via ANT+ and my Wahoo Tickr via BLE without issue. I know the Tickr is duel band, but I get fewer dropouts this way.

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So my android with Zwift would transmit the BLE to the laptop while my Ant dongle attached to the laptop will transmit my HR?

The Zwift Companion App on your Android would bridge the BLE signal to the laptop (both need to be on the same network) and the ANT+ dongle would receive the signal from your HRM.

Remember with BLE the device can only be connect to one device or app at a time so make sure the trainer is not connect to anything before open Zwift and the ZCA.

I am assuming you are running Zwift on the Laptop.

Yes. I am running Zwift on laptop. I have vision problems and cant see the small phone or tablet screens w/o my glasses.

Before opening Zwift. I do the inride warmup and spindown, then open zwift and I am good to go?

Thanks for your help.

You should be ok as long as you close the app and make sure that the trainer is not connect to the phone in anyway before opening the ZCA.

Due to a technical limitation, Native Bluetooth connection on a Windows device is not supported. To connect your device via Bluetooth on a Windows device, we recommend using Zwift Companion app as a bridge. 

In most setups it’s possible to connect devices via BLE and ANT+ simultaneously.

Make sure to check the list of supported trainers to find your trainer in the compatible devices list.

Additionally, we have a video, that explains how to get your various pieces of equipment set up properly.

Finally, make sure your computer meets our [minimum requirements.

I](What You Need To Ride)f you face any issue while pairing your devices, please submit a support ticket:


Take a look at the ‚ÄúCable‚ÄĚ it‚Äôs a Bluetooth and Ant + Bridge.¬†