Newbie Setup

So, I am considering and have a few questions. I currently have an MacBook Pro the supports BLE (Bluetooth 4). So, do I need an ANT+ stick still? I have a smart trainer (or will shortly :slight_smile: ) that will support BLE. I wish to use my HRM and cadence sensor that currently “talks” to my Garmin Edge 500.

How do I get the HRM and Cadence paired to Zwift? Will they pair via ANT+ and theoretically the trainer could pair via BLE to my laptop? But, if I need ANT+ for HRM and Cadence, then I could just use ANT+ (with extension cable) for everything? 

Then, I just connect the Zwift Mobile Link to use as  controller? I can then use HDMI from Laptop to HDTV?

thanks in advance,

Hey David - your BLE smart trainer can connect directly to your MacBook Pro. If your HR and cadence sensors are ANT+ only, then you’ll need to get an ANT+ USB stick and extension cable to connect them (or try out the Viiiiva HR monitor which acts as a ANT+ / BLE bridge). ANT+ Starter packs should be back in our store shortly.

Zwift Mobile Link companion app will automatically connect to Zwift as long as it’s on the same network. And yep - you can connect your MacBook to your TV via HDMI.

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