Kinetic trainer (uses only BLE) without a phone: need workaround

I want to get the Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Control trainer (I’m a climber) but it uses only BLE and not ANT+.  The Zwift help representative said that the only way to use that trainer would be to use BLE through Android Smartphones and tablets or iPhones and iPads.  I don’t have any of those.  Has anyone found a workaround for this or am I stuck?  Thank you.

Hey Jon, what device are you trying to run Zwift on? If you’re on PC and you do not have a device that can run Zwift Companion, then you’re right there isn’t a way for you to connect Zwift to the trainer currently. There are plenty of trainers that offer BLE and ANT + connections however, and you can research them with the help of our supported trainer guide. :) 

Hi, Vincent.  

Would this trainer work through a Mac desktop that has Bluetooth?  This is the trainer that I want.  Thank you.

Hey Jon, sorry about getting to this too late but yes, a Mac desktop with Bluetooth should connect with your trainer. If you have any issues pairing your trainer feel free to troubleshoot using our Bluetooth pairing troubleshoot guide. Or you can write into us via support ticket. :) 

Hi, Vincent.  The more I learn, the more complicated this seems to get.  I hope you can straighten me out!  I am on Zwift now, as a runner only, using a PC laptop, an ANT+ dongle, and an ANT+ only footpod.  Everything works perfectly and I’m loving Zwift.  When my trainer comes in (backordered), I could use the Mac desktop and its native bluetooth for cycling, however, I was recently told that using an ANT for running and a BLE for biking might not work, and that I should try to use the BLE for both.  Unfortunately, my (brand new for Zwift) footpod is ANT+ only.  I will definitely be participating in duathlons/bricks on Zwift and would like to be able to switch normally/easily between the two, so do I need to purchase a BLE footpod or should my ANT for running and BLE for biking work flawlessly?  After that is settled, I understand that in order to lead running groups, I really should have a smartphone so I can use the Companion.  I don’t see myself typing to people while doing a run with them, but if I have to get one, will all of the “recommended” phones work with both the ANT/BLE combination setup (if there are no conflicts with it) and the BLE/BLE setup (if I have to change my footpod)?  Thank you for your guidance.  

Hey Jon, you should be able to use an ANT + footpod along with BLE for your trainer with no issues. If you’re having ANT + issues or Bluetooth issues feel free to troubleshoot with our ANT + troubleshooting guide and BLE troubleshooting guide. :slight_smile:

If you continue to have trouble you can always write us a support ticket as well.